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TECHNICAL SCHEDULE. Donor Bike : Ducati Monster 1000 IE’03. Modified frame with a new rear subframe. XTR ergal triple clamps cnc machined. XTR cnc machined ergal clip ons. S4RS regulable front fork. Domino Quick open gas throttle. Discacciati radial PR19 brake pump. Discacciati radial PR16 clutch pump. Discacciati floating brake […]

Ducati Monster 1000 ” PATA NEGRA ” – XTR

‘REGOLARITA (2016) by XTR, ordered by DUCATI SPAIN Donnor bike : Ducati Scrambler ICON (2016). Modified OEM frame,cutting entirely rear frame and making a new subframe. Ducati Sport Classic modified swingarm with detachable cantilever . Cantilever shock system conversion. OEM footrest support modified for solo use. Scrambler classic modified rear […]

Ducati Scrambler ICON ” Regolarità”(2016) – XTR

    Technical Schedule -Donor Bike : Ducati Monster 1000’03 -OEM frame modified with a new rear subframe -XTR Ergal triple clamps cnc machined -Regulable S2R 1000 fork -Tomaselli regulable clip ons -Quick open gas throttle -Discacciati radial PR19 brake pump -Discacciati radial PR16 clutch pump -Discacciati floating rotors -Frentubo […]

Ducati Monster 1000 ” EXTREMA ” – XTR PEPO

Mash XTR PCM 006
    Technical schedule -Donor Bike : MASH five hundred. -Original Modified frame with new rear subframe. -XTR cantilever swingarm. -Betor gas monoschock. -Aprilia RS 125 front fork with radial caliper -Brembo PR19 radial brake pump -Frentubo brake line -NG oversized rotor .Original front hub with Excel rim -Yamaha TZR […]


    Technical Schedule: Donor bike : Laverda 500 Alpino’1978 -Modified frame : new subframe,conversion to Cantilever suspension system -YSS rear schock -Modified Suzuki Bandit 600 swingarm -NG rear brake rotor -Suzuki Bandit 600 rear wheel. -Ducati Monster 1000 front fork -Brembo front brake calipers -Brembo rotors -Frentubo brake lines […]

Laverda 500 Alpino “Monty” – XTR PEPO