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Ducati 750 SS “RIDER ” – XTR

‘RIDER by XTR (2016)
Publicado por xtrpepo el 4 abril, 2016
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RIDER by XTR (2016)

Donor bike : Ducati 750 SSie’98

-OEM Modified frame

-Ducati S2R swingarm with conversion to cantilever suspension system

-YSS rear schock

-SP CNC machined triple clamp`yokes

-XTR Clip ons

-Ducati S2R front and rear wheel

-NG front brake rotors

-NG rear brake rotor

-Frentubo clutch and brake lines

-XTR Clutch and front brake foldable and regulables levers

-XTR carbon fiber front mudguard

-MASH 125 front light

-TT rev counter

-XTR light and rev counter bracket

-XTR fuel tank with Monza cap

-XTR Metralla solo seat

-XTR Upholstery

-XTR number plates

-SP CNC machined footrests

-XTR licence plate bracket

-Montesa rear light

-XTR led blinkers

-Engine: blueprinted, high comp , ported heads.

-Outside fuel pump high pressure

-XTR 2 in 1 exhaust system by SUPERMARIO

-XTR “il trombone “ megaphone by SPARK

-Tsubaki gold chain

-DNA race air filters

-LIPO battery

Pictures : Jose Cepas’

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